The next class begins Thursday, July 5th for 12 weeks
New Students$99 (includes Textbook, Workbook, & Audio CDs)
Returning Students$50 (If you have the PURPLE Second Edition)
Returning Student + Workbook$65
The 4T Prosperity Program is a 12-week, church-facilitated, spiritual program dedicated to the idea of living an abundant life:
  • Free of the feeling of fear and insecurity
  • Free of thoughts of lack and limitation
  • Centered in the abundance of God
When that connection with God is made, wondrous events occur and people experience a deeper spiritual awareness, enhanced relationships, job satisfaction, financial security, self-esteem, and better health.
The 4T Prosperity Program© is a 12-week course with proven results, a powerful support system, and a 100% money back guarantee by the sponsoring church.
It enables people to change their consciousness and experience a deeper spiritual awareness, loving relationships, financial security, job satisfaction, creative ideas, improved self-esteem, and better physical health. Each student realizes a shift in perspective when he/she realizes there is plenty of time, talent and treasure to give and receive. And this newly found awareness creates a sense of trust that they have the ability to manifest all they long for.
During the 12 weeks, each student commits to:
  1. Attend church services and 4T classes weekly
  2. Meditate daily on the ideas of prosperity
  3. Volunteer for work with CSC
  4. Participate in The Giving Experiment by giving an agreed amount each week
Celebration Spiritual Center also commits by guaranteeing that the student will be wholly satisfied; that is, that the student’s life is guaranteed to be more abundant at the end of 12 weeks, or the entire tithe will be refunded, upon request.