To awaken the world to the presence of God within and all around us, celebrate this Truth as one family, embody unconditional love, equip humanity to live our greatest lives, and serve all creation.
Celebration Spiritual Center is a God Experience that turns on the heart, mind, and soul of the world. A God Experience is the realization of Oneness that transcends material sense.


1. God Is
God is the All in All. God is named, nameless, and beyond all names. God is form, formless and beyond all forms. God is beyond all theories, hypotheses, theologies, and religions. God is One.
2. We are one with God
This oneness is the Truth of all life. It is through knowing that we are “One with God” that we come to understand our oneness with each other and all living things. We all emanate from the One Cause; the very Mind of God. The perfection of God within us cannot be changed by our past, the opinions of others or our thoughts about ourselves.
3. Love is the more excellent way
Love is the highest choice we can make. We must learn to love God within us and ourselves unconditionally. We freely extend this love to our neighbor because our neighbor is ourselves. As we choose love and embody it, we recognize that every action of our brothers and sisters is either love or a call for love.
4. All scripture, both ancient and modern, has the power to awaken the heart and mind of any seeker of Truth.
Celebration Spiritual Center honors the holy scriptures of all spiritual traditions. Some of the texts we focus on for the growth and unfoldment of our community are:
  • A Course In Miracles
  • The Bible (NRSV)
  • The teachings of Abraham-Hicks and The Law of Attraction
  • The Work by Byron Katie
  • The Kybalion
5. There is a great Vision and Purpose for every life
We believe that God is always seeking willing vessels to carry Its unwavering message of Unconditional Love on the Earth. To that end, we must remain receptive through prayer, meditation and visioning to the messages of God revealed in the realm of the Spirit. Inspired by Rev. Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning Process, we practice visioning for our church, our families, and our individual lives. This is the path to realizing a life beyond our material expectations.
6. We are here to serve
We are here to change our world and leave it better than we found it. We believe that service must be at the heart of every life’s purpose. We take joy in knowing that the specific way in which service is given will look different through each individual expression of life. This adds to the warm tapestry of uniqueness that is inherent in all life.
7. Daily Spiritual Practice is not an option
In order to come to a full realization of who and what we are as the very “image and likeness” of God, we must engage in a daily spiritual practice that keeps us in touch with the world beyond our five senses. At Celebration Spiritual Center we teach:
“In Worship we Celebrate God, in Meditation we Contact God, in Prayer we Know God and in Living we Activate God”
Worship, meditation, prayer and daily living are the heart of our daily spiritual practice.